The Internet needs your help!

Hello everyone

NORJAM Internet Cafe needs your help!

Some of you may think that having an internet café is not that necessary at a Jamboree, however, it has great importance in a number of ways.

It is a place where like-minded Scouts and Guides can come and make friends. Adults can spend  some time catching up on some training and taking part in e-learning and our International contingents use it as the main channel of communication to family members back home as well as accessing lots of online tools to help them with their leadership – online banking for instance and checking schedules for flights and ferries for their trip back home.

NORJAM needs your help! We currently do not have anyone to run the Internet café!

We are looking for a key person(s) to take responsibility for the Internet Café and a small team of people who will supervise the marquee during its opening times and help people use the internet.

We have all the equipment – We have 30 laptops, tables and chairs as well as a technical team to provide you with wireless internet. We just need someone to set out the tables and chairs as well as look after the internet café for the Jamboree. Some technical knowledge would be an advantage.

The more people that can help out, the better. A rota can be put together so you can enjoy the jamboree too and not be working the Internet Café all day.

There will be some cash handling too – but we have a till and calculator for the maths so you don’t need to worry!

If we are unable to pull a team of people together, then we will have to look at the option of not having the Internet Café. Not something we really wish to do – however, we have to be honest and if we don’t have anyone to run it, it will be unable to open.

If you can help – please get in touch!


Email – I can help!

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