80s June Newsletter

Dear leaders,

It has been really nice to hear from some of you, but I am concerned that not all are receiving messages. Please can you reply to this email address so I can tick you off the list. Thanks.

Subcamp reminders :

  1. Please could you design a plaque with your contingent name on it to be displayed on the subcamp gateway. In the shape of a brick, graffiti style, suitable to be used outside, no larger than A4.
  2. Please design a banner with your contingent name and linked to the 1980’s. Max size should be no larger than a pillow case 1m x 0.5 m .
  3. Everyone is being encouraged to bring a hand-held flag, a union jack or County flag.
  4. Gateway, design a mini gateway for your contingent area, max high 2 meters, wide enough for wheel chair access. Must be anchored down.
  5. Bring a suitable 80’s style outfit ready for the farewell ceremony.
  6. Getting involved, “Share your ware!”. Please bring some local food to try and share with others, taster size! “All the fun of the fair!” a penny bizarre, bring suitable games or activities for everyone to get involved with.



Just a reminder there will be no free Norjam T shirt. Orders will close on Sunday 3rd June.


Everyone will receive a subcamp Necker, this must be worn at all times. Please remember to bring a sharpie and write your contingent number and young person initials on the label before you fold/roll them. Really helps when they end up in the lost property box.


Keep an eye on the webpages, information will be now being updated regularly. Check out the breakout and out ‘n’ about page for off-site activities. You will need to choose your day out location per contingent.


Update : Due to the delay in the second stage of registration opening, we have extended the deadline for individual contingent member details to be completed by 22nd June.

Just to confirm that to comply to Girlguiding policies Girlguiding information and content for event /activity form and the Health information form still need to be completed and held with your contingent first aider.


We have set up a facebook page “Official 80’s Subcamp – Norjam 2018” This will be used for posting photo’s during the week of the young people taking part in activities etc. If you would like us to post something for you please let us know, this page is a one way only.

Promote the Norjam International website and Facebooks page with your parents.


Please let us know of any special dates, birthday etc We will send out some questions, but we will need to have some great stories about you getting ready for Norjam, how far you will be travelling, what you have planned etc for the first edition of the Norjam newspaper. Maybe it will be your contingent that gets in print!

Heavy Equipment

Please can you let us know if you have booked any equipment to be delivered to site so we can put the necessary plans in place.

Special requirements

Please can you let us know if you have any special requirements you need on your contingent area. Road access for wheel chair users, medical issues etc.

If you also have any adults booked in as staff please let us know.

Booking still available

Norjam have released some extra spaces! Be quick as they’re only available until 1st June. Book online here: Water Disposal

Please remember to bring suitable containers for carrying dirty water to the waist disposal points.


Norjam have different showers blocks this time, everyone will need a suitable plastic or waterproof bag to store clothing so it stays dry , there is no changing room, you enter straight into the shower cubical

Contingent Leaders meeting

We will have a leader reception on Saturday evening after the welcome ceremony, two leaders from each contingent welcome.

Starting on Sunday these will take place at 6pm every evening, so bring along your pudding and get out of the washing up! Tea and coffee will always be available just bring your mug!


Please let subcamp know if you are expecting any visitors, there will be a set policy to follow.