Further Dry Weather Safety Update

Further to recent Health and Safety update in view of continuing very dry weather we have further updated guidelines as follows and this takes into account comments we have received.

The weather forecast is for some rain over this weekend and middle of next week with the 10 days leading up to NORJAM again being dry with temperatures approaching mid 20’s.

Therefore and in addition to the published Health & Safety guidelines:-

  • All contingents to have a bucket of water, to be kept full at all times, outside of their unit. For any fat fires please use your fire extinguishers where possible.
  • All sub camp offices to have 5 buckets of water, to be kept full at all times, outside of their sub camp offices.
  • Cooking must be carried out using equipment which is at least 600mm above level of the ground. The only excepting to this being ovens where we understand that lifting them too high may present a separate risk. The cooker flame must be contained within the unit and should not be placed directly on grass. The same goes for gas fridges where the pilot light must not be capable of coming into contact with the ground. If necessary these units will need to stand on a board or similar to keep them away from grass etc.
  • As a reminder BBQs are not permitted unless gas powered and they must be 600mm above ground level.
  • Flammable liquids are not permitted at all. This is a change to previous guidance and includes methylated spirit, paraffin, petrol and diesel. There will be no exceptions to this.
  • In accordance with good camping practice gas bottles should be placed outside of tents and in the shade, if at all possible.
  • As previously advised generators are not permitted unless agreed with H&S team prior to siting and so far has only been requested by some activities and the medical team. No other generators are allowed.

We are sure that you understand that these additional precautions are only made to ensure everyone’s safety.

Neville Jarvis
Director of Health & Safety
E :

For more safety information, take a look at the Safety Matters page of the Useful Information section.