Welcome Ceremony info

With only 2 weeks to go until NORJAM opens just a few reminders re the Opening Night and Welcome Ceremony:

Please be ready to leave your sub camps by 7.20pm – we will be moving you all into the ring as quickly as we can but bear with us as we can only get 3 sub camps in at a time. A plan of the ring is enclosed and the 00’s we will move into which ever entrance is free first after the 40’s – 90’s are all in .

Please wear uniform

Please bring with you a hand waving union flag or flag of your choice to join in with the Welcome if you wish

Please parade your home made banners and ensure when you are sitting in the ring these are rolled up (please don’t bring your group flags incase they get damaged at all)

If you wish to parade the banners during the Welcome Ceremony please ensure that your banner and the young person carrying it is at the back of the ring by 8.50pm

If it does rain (!!!) do bring something to sit on

Please note there are flashing lights, sirens and pyrotechnics during the welcome – please make sure your young people are aware.

Many thanks

Jane & James – Main Stage NORJAM 2018