60s Space Race

5,4,3,2,1! BLAST OFF, to the 1960s space theme that hundreds of Cubs and Brownies took part in yesterday. Our sub camp visitors zoomed to the moon while they learnt about the first moon landing in 1969.

The first astronaut that landed on the moon was Neil Armstrong; therefore we represented this in our space themed day. Our whizzing activity team have spent a long time planning and organizing these activities and out of this world decorations to keep the excited Cubs and Brownies entertained. The wonderful 60s activity team also made their own homemade astronaut costumes, they definitely looked the part.

A big thank you to Rochelle, Caz, Jenny and Kate for their dedication and hard work in organising the activities and to anyone else who helped, it is all much appreciated.

On our sub camp there are loads of activities for you to try including, Stomp Rockets, why not build your own rocket and then put pressure onto these and watch them blasting off to space? How far did yours go?

Some of the Leaders visiting the sub camp told us they had enjoyed the day. Alex, 1st Roydon Brownies said: β€œIt was really good! Good experience for the Brownies preparing them for their Guiding future.”