A Canadian Journey: Day 4 on the 50s

The 50s sub camp wants a huge welcome to our Canadian contingents, who wanted to share their journey to NORJAM.

Our Canadian contingents left home on 31st of July and landed in Heathrow on 1st August. After a long journey they set off for London’s city centre to explore London’s biggest attractions. The group Leader explained how they had to learn how to use the tube for the first time and how it was a challenging experience. On top of their tour they also visited Gilwell – the UK Scout headquarters.

The UK camping weather is easy for the Canadians, as they have camped in extreme weathers such as snow at -25 degrees.

On 11th August all eight contingents successfully arrived at NORJAM and are now all settled in ready to enjoy their experience. Everyone at camp loves a bit of cake, and over at the 50s sub camp it’s no exception.

One Leader from 2nd Cherry Hinton Guides/6th Norwich Guides made this amazing cake for the participants to enjoy for their pudding. I’m sure you will agree it looks fantastic and every last crumb was enjoyed!

The activity tent at the 50s sub camp has been buzzing with visitors who were able to enjoy activities such as woggle making, magic eyes, key rings and badges.

We also provided the opportunity to complete part of their Camp Chiefs’ Heritage Challenge badge by playing a tune using hand bells and showing a leader how to make a sling using a reef knot and their necker. The hand bells will be available daily until 12pm.