A journey through time

By Sarah Paget, The Norticle Issue 5

At first glance the Heritage Hub looks like it contains pictures and old uniforms for both Scouts and Guides through the ages. However, there is plenty more to do in here than read the history of Scouts and Guides.

There are two challenges to complete in the Heritage Hub. The 1940s Tenderfoot Test takes you through all the basic and core skills a Guide and Scout would have known. You can discover the badges through various interactive activities including skittles, knot tying and compare the law and promise from then to now.

In order to complete the Camp Chiefs Heritage Challenge you must complete either a Scout or Guide challenge in each sub camp and identify the activity badge on the record card to earn your stamp. The 00s challenge can be found in the Hub. Collect all seven sub camp stamps and return to the Heritage Hub to be presented with your award by either a Zulu Warrior or by Lord Baden Powell himself.

Helen Green is the Girlguiding Norfolk County Archivist and brainchild behind the Heritage Hub. She explained: “Lots of people have been coming in to do the activities. They’ve been really interested and are going away with a lot more understanding of where the movements have come from. We had 1500 visitors in three days”.

Out on the sub camps, activities are available to drop in on. Andrew, 15, from 40s sub camp was visiting the 1950s hub where he was able to try out hand bell ringing with friends. “The little bells are really cool. Our teamwork was good although it was confusing at the time”.

In the 1970s the smell challenge was causing confusion for a team of Scouts from the 40s sub camp. Despite having a laugh trying to identify the smells, twelve year old Ed really enjoyed the plane identifying challenge on his own sub camp.

Whatever you know about the history of Scouting or Guiding, or if you just want to complete the challenge to earn the badge, the Heritage Hub has something to offer everyone.