All around the world

By Emma Parker and Bianca Cole, The Norticle Issue 5

NORJAM welcomed our guests from the far flung corners of the globe to the Main Arena Stage to perform something spectacular from their countries.

Confident hosts Evelyn and Georgia, who are becoming popular presenters on the Main Stage, welcomed the crowd to the arena.

The first act to perform were the Ghanaian Girl Guides, who brought a carnival vibe, which certainly started the night off with energy and enthusiasm. Dressed in bright, vibrant colours the girls waved scarves in the air, which thoroughly entertained the crowds. They concluded by bringing a giant Ghanaian flag to the stage which was waved proudly to signify the end of their act.

The next act came from a little closer to home. Thomas Stokes from Wales performed a traditional Welsh song, which he then went on to explain with a comedy twist, to share the story behind his chosen song. The audience listened to the traditional tale and clapped along to the rousing rendition.

The Thai contingent were the next to take the stage with a lively eight- part performance; including an energetic instrumental interlude, singing, dancing, chanting and a choreographed simulated martial arts piece.

The audience were impressed with the traditional style of their impressive and interesting dance techniques.

The Swedish Scouts brought a traditional campfire feel to the performance, encouraging audience participation and teaching the willing and waiting crowd one of their favourite songs, to the tune of head shoulders knees and toes.

Audience participation continued into the Egyptian Contingents act, with an interactive and complex clapping routine. Laughter filled the arena as the whole crowd joined together, adding in a simple song.

The hosts calmed the audience in preparation for the final act, coming all the way from Uganda. The message of the act performed was simple yet heartfelt.

The Scouts shared their passion for the work that they do and encouraged the support of the listening crowd. This message was echoed in their song ‘Save a child’. The whole crowd clapped in time as they finished their performance with Heal the World by Michael Jackson.

The crowd showed solidarity by standing and cheering in support of the act, which brought international night to a close.

Hosts Evelyn and Georgia thanked the acts and the audience and shared their hope that through Scouting and Guiding we can come to together to make a change to the world and be shining lights in our communities.

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