Crafty moves

By Bradley Hirons, The Norticle Issue 5

On Wednesday, it was the turn of the 40s sub camp to enjoying making and creating in the craft warehouse. There is a huge range of activities which go along with the Decades theme, ranging from sock puppet making from the 40s to LED torch making from the 90s.

The crew do an absolutely amazing job controlling and looking after up to 750 young people.

One group of young Guides from Notts Fosse Division particularly enjoyed the extra activity inside the Warehouse, provided by Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHAOS).

We spoke to Lucy, 12, Emma, Molly and Eve, all 13, as they had just experienced the Spinney Chair. Eve told us: “We were interested in how the spinning worked and it was fun to learn.” Emma added: “It’s different from painting stained glass and colouring in a piece of paper and I would recommend it to everyone.”

As well as the CHAOS section, there were many more activities to complete. Connor, 11, from 1st Carrington Scouts said: “I really enjoy making things, nothing too difficult but simple, quick things, because you can get more done. My favourite activity was colouring in the little rubber ducks and I enjoyed making woggles.” Each sub camp gets to visit the craft area twice this week.

Thomas, from the Craft Warehouse told us: “Because we know everyone gets the chance to come back we have held back some of the activities in order for there to be something new for the young people on their second visit.”

Some of the brand new activities this morning included stained glass window painting and also slating grading in the 14+ section and also rope making and wax moulding.