Day 3 in the 80s

Good morning campers! We hope you all enjoyed the Welcome Party on Saturday evening!

It was spectacular to see everyone in their own groups uniform – it makes you realise how large our organisation is.

On Sunday you woke up to a day of 80s Inventions! We started with a Nokia themed snake chain as a way of getting to our first activity session at the Boardwalk Arcade. Now that was a loooonng snake!!

It was great to see you all having fun during your activities yesterday, we hope you enjoy today’s activities – they look great fun!

Today’s 80s theme is Star Wars, so you might see quite a few Luke Skywalkers, Princess Leias or even Darth Vaders. We have a photo booth of Chewbacca to have a photo in.

Have you had a chance to explore our sub camp and the whole NORJAM site? We can assure you it will test your map reading skills. Make sure you’ve put up your brick in the subcamp gateway ‘Berlin Wall’.

Remember you need to be at the gateways at 9.15am to be taken to the morning activities and again at 1.45pm for the afternoon activities. That will mean an early rise to get ready – no lay ins!

For adult leaders there are lots of sub camp activities for you to join in with during the evenings. Please come and drop in at the office. The reception team on the sub camp are always available, except during meal times!

We all love the contingent gateways you have created – our competition for these will take place soon, so make sure they are complete before judging!

And finally, a shout out to easily the most important person of all – our camp cook, Kate. Camping is always an opportunity to eat plenty of great food and not put on weight – win, win!