Day 4 80s Update

During the Cub and Brownie day the theme within the 80s sub camp was Star Wars. This gave our Leaders a wonderful opportunity to dress up and become most of the characters from the Star Wars films.

The Cubs and Brownies made key rings, door signs and pencil toppers on the sub camp, as well as having lightsaber training – lots of Luke Skywalkers in the making!

All sub camp activities continue to be going well with plenty of visitors doing the Camp Chiefs Heritage Challenge badge. Sub camp participants can still make key rings, decorate a cup to take home and decorate a biscuit to eat right now!

Today’s theme is Pop Stars, so you may see Madonna or the stars from Fame out and about across the campsite. Contingents are ‘breaking out’ of camp so let’s hope the weather is kind so you can have a great day at your chosen destination!

This evening adults are invited to play a classic game of Bingo, good luck getting a full house, there are prizes to be won.

Have you checked out our Facebook page ‘Official 80s Subcamp – NORJAM 2018’? We’re posting pictures taken by our fantastic sub camp media team, which is led by Eilish. Pictures are just of the 80s contingents on this Facebook page. If you have any photo or story requests, don’t hesitate to let us know!