Day 4 from the 90s

If we cast our minds back to 2014, we were very lucky to witness Chris proposing to Kerry on the main stage! Now Mr and Mrs Lain are back again working as staff, after tying the knot just a few weeks ago on the 14th July 2018.

They’re good friends with 4th Gillingham, who along with all of us at the 90s would like to wish them all the best for their married Scouting life together. After hearing about this it got us thinking whether there are any other “NORJAM families”?

We ourselves have another 2 within our staff team, the Braziers and the Scotts, both meeting in 2003. This is of course not forgetting the most famous 90s family, the Mario family from Tasburgh Scouts and Explorers, who we were fortunate to be visited by.

A massive congratulations to Kate Way, 17, from Tasburgh Explorers, a Beaver Young Leader, for being awarded her Young Leader
belt! This comes after months of hard work completing all of her modules and missions. Steve Martin (District Commissioner)
had this to say on awarding her belt: “It’s a great honour to award this belt, and is well earned. It’s not something I get to do often so this makes me really proud to award this.”

Kate said her favourite moment of her training is making new friends with like minded people, and being able to give something back to the young people. Do you have any awards/ presentations happening this week? Pop into the sub camp office and let us know!

Our sub camp challenge for our contingents is an interesting one; each of our groups has been given a Tamogotchi to love and care for until the end of the week.

Credit will be given for interesting names, locations visited with the Tamogotchi and anything surprising they get up to, ideally with photographic proof. How far can you (and not your leaders) level up?