Day 6 in the 70s

On Tuesday night our international contingents performed live on the Main Stage to an incredible audience. It was awesome to see
loads and loads of our 70s contingents in the arena joining in with all the dancing and singing. The atmosphere was unbelievable!

Tuesday night also was the final heats for the Hungry Hippos competition, with our Swedish contingent and Ellistown Scout Troop through to the finals for the participants and 1st Stoke Climsland Ladies for the adults through to the finals tonight!

We were lucky enough to have ITV Anglia come to the 70s sub camp to interview 101st Bedford Scouts and it was all live on TV! The funniest moment was when the ITV reporter told one of the Scouts to “carry on cooking the salad”, we were in tears from laughing!

Yesterday, the majority of our pet rocks were found, but there are still some out there! We’ve also sent out more to find so don’t worry if you haven’t found one and been able to get a prize, just keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve had a few visitors also from all different sub camps coming and doing trades with us. Some of the things they’ve traded have been so odd!

We’ve had a few people manage to persuade us to swap sweets and doughnuts with their teabags, it’s impressive how persuasive you can be. It’s been good to see some of you venture down to our activity tent to make some crafts and play the giant board games, but we would love to see more of you! From 9:30am til 12:30pm and 1:30pm til 5:00pm, we have loads of crafts for you to do: pet rocks, God’s eyes, headbands, key rings, badges and more!

In other news, another deer was seen on site again and this time we managed to get a picture. Clever right? It was stood in front of an impressive gateway based on the film ‘Jaws’ which was released in 1975. We will be wandering round and judging the gateways to vote for the best one on our sub camp, the winner will be announced towards the end of the week!

Check ya later!