Day 7 in the 70s

God save the Queen! Wednesday evening saw our street party in full flow. We were celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee which occurred during 1977, it commemorated her 25 years on the throne. Our contingents brought a picnic and listened to 70’s music.

We were even lucky enough to have a special guest, the Queen herself! She seemed a lot taller in person though and her calf muscles were incredible! There’s no way she misses leg day at the gym!

She gave the same speech as she did in 1977 and we all got together and stood to sing the National Anthem, even if it wasn’t particularly harmonic, it was still great! It was an amazing evening and the atmosphere was fab.

Freya is with the Aylsham Rangers, and is currently working on her Queen’s Guide Award. She’s been involved with Guiding for 10 years, starting off as a Brownie and working her way up. Her motivation to do the award came from completing her Baden- Powell Award.

She said she believed it would be a good personal challenge and was worth giving a go as once she completes it, it will be a massive accomplishment. Freya has been working on element two of her award for which she has been her contingent’s assistant Leader, organising activities, doing first aid and more!

She was recently also presented with her Senior Section Permit. Well done Freya and good luck with the rest of your award!

The weather wasn’t the nicest yesterday, but it’s still great to see everyone in good spirits.

Today is your day out so I think all of us here are going to be slightly lost with no one here!

We hope you have a great day out and join us for the Farewell Ceremony tonight. Make sure you dress up in your best 70’s costumes and let’s get groovy!