Diggin it on Day 4 at the 70s

We’re four days in and loving it! On Sunday night the Thai contingent performed a dedication to celebrate the Queen of Thailand’s birthday. It was amazing to see everyone turn up to watch a special moment. Regardless of the language barrier, the interaction was brilliant and we were most impressed by all of the dancing and flossing!

Also, on Sunday night we saw the first heats for the Hungry Hippos contest. Well done to everyone who entered and congratulations to Hertford Explorers for getting through to the final on Thursday. Yesterday was Cub and Brownie day, and it was fab! We started the day dancing the YMCA whilst the Cubs and Brownies arrived, shout out to all the contingents that got involved too!

They then got crafty in the activities tent making disco ball key rings. In true 70’s style they got to bounce around on the space hoppers. We had the 2nd Hellesdon Brownies with us, Maisie, 8, said her favourite part of the day was the shopping! Rose, 8, also loved the shopping and bought a cute teddy bear from The Emporium! Maisie, Milly and Jasmine enjoyed making the glitter ball key rings and loved dressing up and dancing on the disco floor!

The Cubs and Brownies got the full NORJAM experience and are excited for the next one, hopefully we will see some of them as Scouts or Guides! Our sub camp contingents spent the day at the circus, watching the show and also learning some circus skills of their own. It was impressive how quickly they picked things up!

Another day at NORJAM complete and it’s just getting better!

A huge thanks to all the Scouts and Guides who were extra nice today to our younger visitors, it was lovely to see!