Farewell from the 50s!

What is our 50s contingents favourite part of their NORJAM 2018 experience? Below a handful of them tell us. Thomas from 5th Kings Lynn, said that “wearing a genuine Korean soldiers jacket from his granny” was one of his best. While India-Rose from
8th Kings Lynn said “getting stuck in the cave” was a highlight.

The 1st Arnold and Woodthorpe, collectively explained that “Rodeo Bull”, “Blow up Sumo and the volleyball competition” was the best.

It might have been wet at Pleasurewood Hills but along with making memories members of 6th Norwich Guides made their promise. Carys, Evie and Leader Sarah chose the log flume as the ride of their choice while Mary and Sarah decided that the pirate ship would make a suitable venue.

On our sub camp we have three families who have three different generations: Lesley Doherty (Cub leader),Hannah Doherty (assistant cub leader), Lily-Mae (Scout), Roxie (Cub), Ian Hall (Cub leader), Ben Hall (Cub leader) and Harvey Hall (Cub) Phil Jordan (Cub leader), Ashley Jorden (sub camp staff) and Jack Bumstead (Scout).

Massive congratulations to those on our sub camp who entered and won the rifle competition. Max, from 1st Arnold and Woodthorpe, came first in the under 14 Air Rifle Competition, whilst Lauren Cleqll from Celts/dim ddraig came first in the over 14 competition and Sunny Duan from 1st Colchester came second in the same category.

We hope you had a brilliant time here at NORJAM 2018.