Friday in the 90s

Dennis Preston, 86, came to visit his two granddaughters Molly and Rosie, who are camping with Northern Norwich Explorers, and it was lovely to hear such different Scouting stories.

Dennis started Scouting in 1941 as a Cub and is now the Vice President of South Norfolk. He reported the best thing in his Scouting career was the opportunity to pick the Contingent Leaders for the World Scout Jamborees.

Similar to her Grandad, Rosie started Scouting early at the age of 6 as a Beaver at 2nd Wymondham and is currently an Explorer.

Her best memory was NORJAM 2014, which was her first large camp and was “such a great experience, something new and different”. Rosie, let’s hope you keep Scouting as long as your Grandad!

On Wednesday night we had a lovely treat from the Great Ellingham Observatory, with Bob, Andy and Dan treating us to a view of the night’s sky with their telescopes.

After an initially cloudy start we managed to catch a glimpse of Jupiter and its moon, the red glow of Mars and Saturn with its subtle rings.

1st Lawford Guides commented on their recent trip to Southwold, about how they saw the planets and stars every night. North Norfolk is truly a gem for stargazing in the UK.