GoGo into Norwich and discover the hares

by James Traynor, The Norticle Issue 3

If you were a member of the public recently in Norwich, the chances are you will have seen one of the 50 hare sculptures dotted around the city as part of the GoGoHares project.

This week, you are even more likely to see one of the over 200 Scouts and Guides in yellow 80s sub camp neckers rushing around looking for hares.

We bumped into Lydia, 15, and Bridget, 17, and their friends on Gentleman’s Walk in Norwich. They said they “loved having the freedom to go and see what we wanted and explore the city and see its sights as well as the challenge of finding the hares.”

They found all 13 of the hares on the NORJAM 2018 challenge, as well as plenty more on top of that and also some of the 164 baby hares, called leverets. “Some of them were clustered together and were easier to find, but some were spread out and hidden, which was all part of the challenge.”

We found Abi and James, 16, sat down chilling out beneath the Castle with their friends. They are from Solihull and had not been to Norwich before. They said: “the Norwich people are very polite and the city has nice scenery.” Their favourite hare, the ‘Heptahare’, was covered in 50p coins. “We also like ‘Hare Comes the Sun’ because it has a cool name.”

The hares will be on display in the city all summer and are going to be auctioned off in October to raise money for Norfolk charity, Break, supporting vulnerable young people. For more information visit, and share a picture with your favourite on Twitter and Instagram @NORJAM2018.