Goodbye from the groovy 70s

Thursday night saw our final for the human hungry hippos competition. Thanks to everyone who came along and congratulations to our winners, Hertford Explorers for the participants and 1st Buxton Lamas for the adults who were presented with their trophies last night.

We have got the results for the best 70’s gateway design! The contingent gateway with the most votes was 5th Thundersley Scout Group. Their design consisted of loads of 70’s inventions, songs and themes. They included things from each year throughout the 70’s and clearly spent a lot of time on making it so good! Well done!

The farewell ceremony was an awesome way to end the week. Everyone who dressed up looked so groovy! It was great to see everyone in good spirits and boogieing to the music!

But now, unfortunately that time has finally arrived, the teary goodbyes to new friends and the end of a fantastic week. To all the contingents on our subcamp, it’s been brilliant to have you. We hope you have had an awesome week and got to experience lots of new things. Whether you’re an adult or a leader, we hope you’ve enjoyed it because we certainly have!

From all of us 70’s staff, we hope you have had an unforgettable week and look forward to (hopefully) seeing a lot of you at the next NORJAM.

Last but not least, travel safe and STAY GROOVY!