Hare we go again

By Alex Richardson, The Norticle Issue 5

If you go down to Norwich today you better not go alone. It’s rainy down in Norwich today, but better than staying at home. For every hare that ever there was has gathered there together because today’s the day the 70s go to Norwich!

Or at least, yesterday was… The GoGoHares trail is a route of 50 hares found around Norwich city centre, with each hare having a unique design by a local artist. The hares have been around Norwich since June and will be on display until September 8th.

There are an additional 18 hares around Norfolk, as well as 160 ‘leverets’, each decorated by a local school or organisation.

The Scouts and Guides on Break Out on Thursday were trying to see how many of the hares they could find.

Iwan, 14, and Robert, 16, found 36 between them, with Iwan saying: “I liked the one dressed up like Robin, Batman’s sidekick.”

Magdalena, 15, and Adam, also 15, found 38 of the hares when we talked to them. They said: “Our favourites are the one covered in 50p coins and the Harelequin one.”

The trip to Norwich also gave the Scouts and Guides the opportunity to visit Norwich city centre. Emily, 15, said: “I’ve never been to Norwich before, so it’s nice to get to see the historical buildings around the city” whilst Charlotte, 17, said: “I know Norwich well, so it was nice to see people exploring the history of our city.”