It was the Greatest Show

By Bradley Hirons and Alex Richardson, The Norticle Issue 7

As NORJAM 2018 came to a close, everyone gathered round the Main Stage for the spectacular Farewell Ceremony to celebrate the amazing Jamboree that came before it. Despite the fun-filled action-packed week coming to an end there was still plenty of energy in the air last night.

Things kicked off with a warm-up set courtesy of Jam FM with the sub camps filling up the arena one by one. Alex kept the revellers up on their feet before DJ Nick took control of the music for an hour. DJ Nick entertained the crowd including Sarah, 12, from the 60s sub camp, who said: “I loved it, I got a really great vibe and I hope I get to hear DJ Nick again soon.”

The masses roared with excitement as a highlight reel played, followed by ‘This is Me’ blasting from the speakers as the cheerleaders performed.

As the song came to an end, the lights came up to reveal the hosts Evelyn, Georgia and Kayleigh to thunderous applause. The crowd were all invited to dance along with the Morning Wake Up Crew to the now established Kou Kou move.

The hosts then took some time to thank the staff and volunteers who made NORJAM 2018 possible as a selection of staff members paraded through the middle of the audience.

At this point Evelyn got fed up of living in the past and decided to focus on the present. The whole Jamboree travelled through a time warp to reach the modern day.

The dancers exploded back on stage, with Sax as their backing track, accompanied by a fantastic glow-in-the-dark performance as their neon hands and feet hit every beat.

The winner of NORJAM’s Got Talent was introduced to the crowd and Shane, 12, from the 40s sub camp, then performed his winning piece: Electricity from Billy Elliot. His loyal fans lit up the Main Arena with torches in a dazzling display.

Jane, the Stage Manager, and Olivia, 12, from the 60s sub camp then came up on stage and gave the young people, Leaders and staff a message to take home and remember. She told the crowd: “You can be anything you want to be”. As the crowd reflected on the message, the dancers came back onto stage with a beautifully choreographed dance along to ‘You Can Be Anything,’ performed from Olivia’s point of view. At this point we spoke to Ian, 14, from the 90s sub camp, who said: “I thought it was exhilarating and excitable, and the atmosphere was amazing!”

The arena then fell silent, as the lowering of the flags commenced. The sounds of “The Greatest Show” wowed the crowd, with the main event ending with a brilliantly bright firework display, in time with the music.

After the fireworks, the young people were then treated to a closing set by the returning DJ Nick, who took over the stage, and kept everyone dancing all night long – well, until 10:30pm at least!

Edward, 15, from the 50s sub camp told us: “This was my first NORJAM and I really want to come back. The best part of
the Farewell Ceremony was by far the parade of volunteers, because without them, NORJAM 2018 would never have happened.”