By James Traynor, The Norticle Issue 5

Not only is trampolining great fun, but it also has great health benefits.

It improves your fitness, it is good for coordination and balance and it is also brilliant for your immune system.

Scouts and Guides from the 50s sub camp enjoyed all of these benefits at Gravity Trampoline Park.

Imogen, 12, said: “It is great fun bouncing on a trampoline with friends I normally wouldn’t get to see outside of Guides.”

Jack, 13, found the trampolining really tiring. “We have been standing next to the fan to cool down in between. It is really fun, I can try tricks and flips without getting hurt because of the soft landing.”

But it wasn’t just trampolines on offer, with so many different trampoline based activities available. Nell and Niamh, 12 enjoyed the jousting poles the most. “We are quite competitive with each other and it was good fun. We played twice and won one each, it was funny when we fell off.” “I even fell off after I won, while laughing,” Nell added.

Megan and Eve, 12, enjoyed the air bag. This involved either jumping off a ledge, or running along a runway into a large soft airbag. “It was really good fun being able to run and jump and do flips onto the air bag,” they said. Poppy and Zara, 14 agreed. “Our favourite part was the air bag.”

Ryan, 12, had just started shooting hoops when we caught up with him. “It is cool being able to jump up to the hoop and slam dunk it. So far I have scored five.”