Keeping Safe in the Sun

This year we are experiencing a long hot dry summer which is expected to continue during NORJAM 2018. Whilst we all want dry weather for our Jamboree we must remember to stay safe in the sun. This applies to everyone from our young people here to enjoy the fun and skills they can take part in at NORJAM 2018 to all the adults providing such a wide range of activities and support.
Please remember for both yourselves and the young people;

  • Wear a hat to protect against the sun. This is especially important given that we will be outside for a large portion of the day.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing where possible.
  • Hats and other clothing are best form of protection, but sunscreen creams and lotions can add useful protection for parts of the body not easily to shade from the sun. For example arms, legs, face and don’t forget backs of hands. Look for a factor (SPF) rating of 25 or more.
  • Another item to remember is dehydration and we should all ensure we drink sufficient fluids, especially during the day. The recommendation is for 2 litres per person per day and water is available throughout the showground and available for use. Please ensure that you refill your water bottles regularly throughout the day. Please also encourage the young people we are responsible for to drink plenty of fluids as well (not energy drinks). Soft drinks are also available for purchase from the Emporium shop in the Market Place and at other outlets


By remembering the above we can ensure that everyone stays safe in the sun and has a very enjoyable NORJAM 2018.

Neville Jarvis
Director of Health & Safety
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