Laters, 90s!

Thursday night at the 90s saw a great showdown but who would be better at baking? The Welsh with their cakes or the Yorkshire contingent with their puddings?

The gauntlet was thrown down between 1st Llanelli Scout group and the West Yorkshire South Guides and the challenge was accepted by both, who could make the best cake? The winner was to be decided by our own senior 90s subcamp staff Karen, Tim and Zip (who on any other day is a baker .. no pressure there).

Chocolate was the over-riding theme with some “deconstructed” presentation from the Welsh and an artfully created glitter trefoil from Yorkshire. After much deliberation Llanelli were announced the winner with a celebratory rendition of Land of Our Fathers and a very humble interview given to Jam FM. Great and tasty work by both groups.

Thankfully the world didn’t end with the turn of the millennium, but we partied like it was going to anyway.

Our wonderful Network, aka The Dream Team led, the dancing, throwing shapes to the 90s classics, although it couldn’t beat their karaoke. What a fantastic way to end our camp.

We’d love to say thank you to all of our contingents and their Leaders for making our travel through the 90s such fun.

As a sub camp team we have all worked really hard to create the best jamboree with adventure, memories and experience for you all.