Sharing the magic of NORJAM 2018

By Emma Parker, The Norticle Issue 7

The NORJAM 2018 Media and Communications Team; a team that captures the jamboree experience on many different platforms and provides you with special memories of your week with us here at Norfolk Showground.

The team is made up of over 80 volunteers who, like all the staff at the jamboree, work tirelessly to ensure that you have a summer to remember.

Jam FM is your very own radio station, led by the wonderful Kayleigh Poacher and her talented and entertaining team. The radio hosts are the life and soul of the Media Centre.

Our team Mum and Dad, the amazing Val and Bill Butcher, have been on hand at our Reception desk and also, alongside their friendly and supportive team, have looked after the rest of the Media Team ensuring the smooth running of laundry and cake o’clock.

James Higham has played his part pre- NORJAM by building our impressive website where you will find all of our online media including photo sales and The Norticle.

This week your Jamboree has been visually captured by Brian Robinson, his deputy Daniel Haigh and his team of roving videographers.

This week your jamboree has been photographed by a talented bunch who have provided their high quality professional images to our social media, photo sales and of course your very own Norticle. The team have been in preparation for months, led by the lovely Tina Wing and her deputies the energetic Ian Guy and the calming influence of Steve Way.

Social Media is the way in which a lot of you and your parents are instantly engaging with NORJAM 2018. Alexandra Landers and her Tweeting stars are keeping on top of what’s trending here at camp.

The Internet café has been a popular hit run ably by Nigel Pope and his lovely and charismatic team.

Many of you will have accessed the jamboree wi-fi network this week – the wonderful Richard Goodyear and his team have been on hand to provide for all of our communication needs and ensured we are all kept online!

The Norticle Team, is led by editor Emma Parker and collated by designers Christopher Smith and Rachel Smith. The stories of your summer were provided by reporters Bianca Cole, Sarah Paget, Kirsty Thorpe, Ger Henessey, James Traynor, Alex Richardson and Bradley Hirons.

Your NORJAM 2018 Media Team would not be complete without our dynamic director Glenn Chusonis and his deputy Emily Archer.

Your NORJAM 2018 media team

The Norticle is edited by Emma Parker, designed by Christopher Smith and Rachel Smith, written by Ger Hennessey, Alex Richardson, Bradley Hirons, James Traynor, Bianca Cole, Kirsty Thorpe and Sarah Paget.

Photography by Tina Wing, Ian Guy, Steve Way, Caz Wilcox, Graham Sprought, Teo Utting, Charlotte Lanham, Matt Meyrick, Lucy Jarvis and James Hage.

Website by James Higham.

Videos by Brian Robinson, Megan Gill, Daniel Haigh, Keira O’Brien, James Pearce, Ross Walker, Matthew Wooley.

Front of house by Val and Bill Butcher, Shona Varley-McGregor.

Radio by Emily Brown, Andrew Daley, Aston-Paige Douglass, Laura Fagg, Alex Gill, Jemma Green, Matt Green, Joseph Hall, Jon Hands, Dave Hillier, Alice Holloway-Neville, Thomas Hughes, Glenn Mead, Scott Robinson, Callum Sayer, Adam Scott, Martin Steers, Roger Thorne, Jay Walker, Owen Ward, Jack Wensley, Oliver Wing, Rebecca Worbey.

Social media by Alex Landers, Caroline Dickinson and Rachel Smith.

Communications by Richard Goodyear, Derek Allen, Derrick Mulvana, Adam Stout and Ryan Ward.

Subcamp media content is produced by Annie Voller, Jazmin Wingrove, Megan Mitchell, Libby Edwards, Joshua Windsor, Izzie Hilton, Gail Robinson, Eilish Brogan, Steve Croxall, Natalie Gibbings, Nell Katra and James Katra.