Star talent abounds

By Alex Richardson and James Traynor, The Norticle Issue 7

NORJAM’s Got Talent reached its climatic high on Thursday evening as the Showground’s most talented young people gathered to battle for the crown.

The atmosphere was full of excitement as groups of supporters gathered to cheer on their favourite contestants. In total, there were nearly 300 entrants, with 12 contestants making it through to the final.

Hope, 14, 60s sub camp, 1st South Walsham Guides, kicked off the evening with her singing act. Before her act she said she was “really nervous” but her confident and energetic performance proved this not to be an issue, with the ever growing crowd showing their appreciation.

Hope was a tough act to follow, but Charlie, 17 from 70s sub camp, was up for the challenge with his performance of “Wait for It” from the musical “Hamilton”.

As the song built up to its climax, you could really get a sense of the crowd getting behind him and enjoying his work.

Kirsten, 14, 40s sub camp, radiated confidence and smiled throughout with her performance of an English translation of “The Truth Untold” by BTS. Kirsten’s supporters from Notts Fosse Guides led the crowd in their enthusiastic support for their friend.

Our first non-singing act of the night came from Lola, 12, 70s sub camp who performed her unique sign language act of “A Million Dreams” in British Sign Language. She “only knew sign for a year, and did it for her friend Clara who is deaf.” Hannah, 15, 90s sub camp thought “it was amazing how she memorised all the signs and learnt it in just one year.”

The next act was James, 17, from the 80s sub camp who won the crowd over with a well known song, “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes. From the amount of singing along that was coming from the crowd, you could tell they were in strong support. Playing his guitar live on stage only served to impress the judges even more.

Powerful and soulful, Amber Lily, 15, 70s sub camp’s rendition of “Someone Like You” by Adele touched the crowd, being another well-known classic that got everyone singing along together.

Charlotte and Hattie, 14, 90s sub camp were the first and only comedy act of the evening. They said “we have done it at a talent show before and we were ready when we got here.” Their confidence in their ability to make the audience laugh was clear and the judges were certainly impressed.

The stormtrooper costume Tommy, 15, 80s sub camp, was wearing, caught the eye of Hannah, 17, 70s sub camp. She liked “his cool costume. I thought it was cool how he was able to change pitch and explore his voice.”

In another cover of Shawn Mendes, Kirsty, 17, 60s sub camp sung “In My Blood”. In her own words she was “nerve-cited.” This nervousness did not come through in her stage performance however the excitement was clear amongst her friends and supporters in the crowd.

A hula hooping spectacular came from Polly, 17, 80s sub camp. This was clearly an act very different from any other in the competition and the judges appreciated this uniqueness. She had excellent skills which showed in her flawless performance.

Jessica was next playing a medley of songs on her guitar: “My medley was inspired by Pitch Perfect.” The audience seemed surprised as she switched so quickly between songs, and her choice of popular songs was a selection that onlookers could get behind.

Shane, 12, 40s sub camp, 33rd Norwich was the last act of the evening singing “Electricity” from Billy Elliott. He thought it went “really well, but I was shaking beforehand. It was the best I have ever performed it.” The crowd agreed, with Lauren 14, 80s sub camp saying “I was really surprised when he came out, it was so like the original. He was so adorable, I was about to cry”.

The judges agreed too, crowning Shane the winner of NORJAM’s Got Talent 2018. When asked his thoughts on winning, Shane said “I have no words”.

Congratulations also go to Jessica and Amber Lily, the runners up, and all of the finalists for their fantastic performances.