Thursday fun in the 50s

Today our sub camp is off site doing lots of different and fun activities, the 50s sub camp team all wish you a very enjoyable day and we hope the weather stays nice and dry for those of you who are outside. We are sure we will hear loads of different stories about your day when you return.

Our Chevy sign filled up a lot yesterday with the 50s contingents signing the board when queuing for the milkshakes. These were very popular again last night with the 50s sub camp packed with eager young people and was another successful night.

The volleyball competition carried on throughout the day and night yesterday with the majority of first rounds completed. As the 50s sub camp team we were very impressed by the teamwork and support that came along with one of our Guide groups. They brought a big group of cheerleaders along with them, which really motivated them and created a very exciting atmosphere for the game.

Congratulations go to Emily Oxbury from 2nd Thorpe Senior Section. Emily has completed her Young Leader training which has taken her three years, she began this with Rainbows. Emily had to plan meetings involving the promise, she also had to be involved in the challenge badges. There were personal and group activities to undertake.

She was required to carry out observations and overcome any difficulties girls faced when they were new to the unit. Emily explained that the best thing about being a Young Leader was choosing an activity that the girls really enjoyed and was very proud seeing them so happy.