We’ll meet again…

We have reached the end of NORJAM 2018! A massive thanks to you all for making our week a blast; your cooperation, enthusiasm and high spirits have made our jamboree. We can not believe the week is over already!

On Thursday, we held a tea dance, led by Hannah and Wendy. The tea drinking and cake eating was top quality, even if the dancing needed a little work. It was amazing to see so many young people do something that they wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to usually! Thank you also to the wonderful Leaders who helped with the clean-up.

Today, we’ve been reminiscing about our highlights of the week. Harry, our sub camp Leader, says his highlight was during Wednesday’s street party: “The politeness and seeing everyone talking to each other, was really good.” It was lovely to see everyone in the 40s sub camp pull together and enjoy different foods.

There will be many memories to take home from this week, including the trapeze on the adventure field, milkshakes from the Market Place and activities in the Craft Warehouse.

We even asked the Leaders what they enjoyed most during the week, one said “Seeing my young people do things they wouldn’t normally do, with very little persuasion.” We thought that was a great way to sum up this week.

We can’t believe, after all the fun and adventure, that this week is finally over. We are looking forward to seeing you all in 4 years’ time!