80s Activities

We have so much planned for you!

Activities Planner

Evening Entertainment at The Hub

Every evening from Sunday onwards we will be having leader’s activities at The Hub between 7:30 and 9:30pm.


The Generation Game
Come and meet and mix with other leaders in a assortment of silly and competitive games, you are guaranteed a laugh!


Share your Ware
With your contingents set up a stall and share a delicacy that represents where you come from (clotted cream from Cornwall, haggis from Scotland), whatever it is come and share it on the square.

Come sing your heart out and make us want to break free!


Win, win, win!


All the Fun of the Fair
How much money can you raise? Bring along a fundraising activity to the Subcamp Square and compete against everyone else to raise money for charity, games to cost no more the 20p.

Come take my breath away or just Relax (don’t do it)


Pub Quiz
How much do you really know about the 80’s?


Farewell Drinks
Come and say goodbye after the Farewell Ceremony.