It’s simple.

Without our brilliant staff Norjam wouldn’t happen.

Volunteering at Norjam is a great way to gain experience, nurture a hobby, find lifelong friends and make a difference to thousands of young people.

Whatever your skills, we’re confident we’ve got a role you will love.

How to book as staff:


Have a look through the roles below.
Based on your strengths, which three would you most like to do at Norjam?


Make sure you’ve read all of the information and guides below and on our Info page, so you know exactly what to expect.


Fill out the booking form and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ll be making a huge difference to thousands of people at Norjam 2025!

Need some inspiration?

Take your pick from the roles below!

Open roles!

Entertainment & Retail
Can you create those unforgettable moments across the Norjam site?

Deputy Director: Re-Energise
Want to help those on site connect with each other and take a break?
You will lead the areas of the Jamboree that help with relaxation and discovery, including the cafe, cinema, faith and international provisions.

Team Leader: Faith
Can you bring faith to life at Norjam?
You will manage our faith provision at Norjam by creating activities that will engage with those on site.

Team Leader: International
Want to help make Norjam a multicultural experience?
You will lead the team providing international activities for the Jamboree.

Design & Build Team
Are you handy and practical?
You’ll be getting the marketplace looking amazing before thousands of participants, leaders and staff descend onto Norjam.

Chillout Team
Would you like to create a calming space at Norjam?
You’ll look after a mindful place for young people to re-charge their batteries after a busy Norjam day.

Faith Team
Do you love to engage young people with faith and diversity?
Be part of the team that helps showcase beliefs and world faiths at Norjam.

Heritage Team
Want to bring history to life at Norjam?
Join our heritage team and help share the roots of Scouting and Guiding.

International Team
Could you help participants discover more about our world?
You’ll be showcasing cultures from all over the world at Norjam.

Retail Team
Fancy working right at the heart of the Carnival of Fun?
There’s a wide range of stalls at Norjam and you’ll be helping to bring the carnival atmosphere to the Norfolk Showground!

10-17 Bar Team
Want to be part of the ultimate party?
Help keep our participants hydrated and ready to dance the night away with fun creations!

10-17 Entertainment Team
Can you get the party started?
You’ll be leading the party and hosting evening entertainment for our under 18s.

10-17 Support & Welfare Team
Caring by nature? Want to help?
You’ll be helping to keep our evenings safe and fun or those under 18.

18+ Quiet Bar Team
Is the local pub more inviting than a club?
You’ll give adults a great place to unwind during the evening.

18+ Lively Bar Team
Want to be part of the action when the day is done?
You’ll be serving adults and ensuring they end the day on a high!

18+ Support & Welfare Team
Want to make sure our adults are OK?
You’ll be making sure our over 18s are safe and having fun.

Site Services
We need handy people to make the Norjam site fit for thousands of people for an incredible Jamboree!

Electrical Team
Will sparks fly?
If you’re trained to fit and install electrical systems and keep them maintained and in top shape, you’ll be a vital part of our Jamboree family.

Facilities Team: Toilets
Flushed with success?
They’re an essential part of any Jamboree and we need somebody to keep them running smoothly!

Facilities Team: Showers
Want to keep things squeaky clean?
The shower squad are vital to Norjam to ensure everybody stays clean. You’ll be on hand to make sure they’re up to scratch!

Maintenance Team
Can you keep the show on the road?
You’ll be on hand to provide practical maintenance and running repairs during the Carnival of Fun.

Waste Team
Care for the planet? Like to keep things tidy?
Can you help us leave the Norfolk Showground as we found it and keep the Carnival of Fun free from waste, litter and mess?

Essential Services
Be part of the team that keeps everybody safe, happy and healthy during their epic Norjam adventure!

Health & Safety Team
Know your health and safety like the back of your hand?
We need people who can help manage risks and keep everybody at Norjam safe.

Response Team
Are you good in a critical moment?
You’ll be reacting to specific response needs, perhaps with experience in firefighting or safeguarding?

Medical Team
Are you a medical professional that would love to give back?
With thousands of people on site, you’ll be there to help them in our on-site hospital in case they need help with their physical or mental health.

Security Team
Want to make sure everybody at Norjam stays safe and has the best time?
You’ll be helping to keep the Norjam site secure and safe for everybody during the Jamboree.

Control Room Staff
Are you calm in a crisis?
We need a great communicator and can balance the needs of the jamboree and work in the Norjam control room.

Media & Communications
Can you bring the Norjam excitement to life and keep everybody connected on site and back home?

Media Team Leaders
Want to shape how we document Norjam in 2025?
Our News, PR and IT teams need leaders to help bring Norjam to life! Could you be that person?

Social Media Team
Can you create great digital content that gets to the right people?
You’ll be generating content for our social media platforms and helping our audience grow, while making sure everybody at home and on site can be a part of the fun!

Photography Team
Can you get THE shot? Love the thrill of snapping at an event?
Can you bring the Carnival of Fun to life in stills? You’ll be capturing the smiles, laughs and excitement of the Jamboree.

Video Team
Want to film at the ultimate week of fun?
You’ll be shooting video for online and on-stage use, documenting the Jamboree and operating cameras during big moments at Norjam.

News Team
Can you find the stories that make Norjam extra special?
From web content to a newspaper, you’ll be bringing different types of media together to paint the ultimate picture of just how awesome Norjam is!

Radio Team
Can you provide company to those on site and at home?
You’ll be the voice of our Jamboree radio station helping to provide the soundtrack to Norjam and bring the Carnival of Fun to the airwaves!

PR Team
Want to be the ultimate Norjam cheerleader?
You’ll be spreading the word about the fantastic things happening at Norjam while welcoming special guests and VIPs to the Carnival of Fun.

IT & Communications Team
Want to keep the Norjam site connected?
You’ll be helping to manage the internet and radio provision across the site and helping to fix any issues if they arise.

Be part of the team creating the ultimate Carnival of Fun at Norjam by delivering awesome activities!

SEN Support Team
This role is now closed for applications

Logistics Team
Are you practical and hands on?
You’ll be part of a small team that helps keep Norjam’s activities ticking along.

Programme Office Team
Can you be organied with great attention to detail?
This small team gives administrative support to the Programme team and makes sure they can do what they need to do!

Creative Corner Team
Love being crafty and arty?
Share your passion and skills on the biggest team of the Jamboree to help share hundreds of creative opportunities to thousands of young people.

Carnival Central Team
Want to be at the heart of the activity action?
You’ll be undercover in the famous Norjam barns to deliver a wide range of activities.

Bounce & Rebound Team
Looking for inflatables? Look no further!
Join the team that will bounce all week long in a field of wild and wacky inflatables!

Festival of Velocity Team
Do you feel the need. the need for speed?
The velocity team will be right up your street providing fast-fuelled fun for the Jamboree.

Festival of Momentum Team
Are high-octane activities your thing?
You’ll be providing plenty of adrenaline for thousands of young people at Norjam.

Festival of Endeavour Team
Want to help young people achieve more than they ever thought they could?
You’ll be supporting young people through challenging activities and be rewarded every day as they conquer their fears.

Performance Patch Team
Does your heart lay in circus skills and performing arts?
You’ll bring them to life for young people and really be part of the Carnival of Fun for Norjam!

Seen a role you like?

Book your place now before the positions get filled!
You will have the option to select the role you would like and tell us why it’s a good fit.

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